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Canadian Lumber Sales Across North America

For all your soft wood needs, Benoît & Dionne Forest Products delivers lumber across North America.

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Sawmill in Eastern and Western Canada

Our sawmills produce required quality wood with raw material from Eastern and Western Canada.

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Recognized Wholesaler Across North America

Since 1986, Benoît & Dionne Forest Products has built a solid reputation among merchants and industrial contractors within Canada and beyond.

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Lumber Wholesaler for Over 30 Years

Our goal: to provide you with the product and quality you need at the best possible price. As lumber wholesaler, Benoît et Dionne produits forestier offer you the right product and quality at the right price, where and when you want it.

Benoît & Dionne Forest Products

Rough Lumber

Our rough lumber is wood that has not been shaven and is slightly thicker and wider than shaven wood. This type of wood is ideal for constructions that do not require finishing such as handling products, products for industrial use, etc.

Rough Lumber
Benoît & Dionne Forest Products

Structural Lumber

Made from spruce-pine-fir (SPF), lumber is the most common type of wood on the market. It is used mainly for home construction.

Structural Lumber
Benoît & Dionne Forest Products


MSR grade wood is manufactured in conformance with the Special Products Standard of the National Lumber Grading Authority. This wood is mechanically tested to ensure its resistance level. It is suitable for constructions like roof and floor trusses.

MSR rated wood
Benoît & Dionne Forest Products

Pre-Cut Pallet Stock

Our high-quality pallet component wood is available in aspen, larch, hardwood and SPF (Spruce, Pine, Fir).

Pallet wood
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Added Value to Your Supply Chain

Thanks to its expertise and reputation, Benoit and Dionne Forest Products provides added value to the supply chain of all its customers. While distributing mill products, mainly from Eastern and Western Canada, and delivering on time, our company provides the best value for money in a constantly changing market.

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Processing Directly at the Factory

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4 addresses to serve you better

Benoît & Dionne Forest Products is located in three different municipalities in order to serve a larger territory. Our head office, located in Drummondville, coordinates transportation between mills in eastern and western Canada and our processing plants.

We are able to deliver anywhere in Canada and North America and to provide personalized after-sales service in several regions.


The Strength of a Sales Team

Benoît & Dionne Forest Products advisory team aims to meet your specific needs. Please contact them for more information.

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